Welcome to Anarchy Buycraft store!

We are a network that strives to give you the bext experience possible that a Minecraft server can, we keep staff/player respect at an all time high to make sure you're treated well, we strive on making happy and providing a friendly network to play on.


Our accepted payment methods.
We accept Paypal,Credit card and VISA cards.


What to do if you don't recieve your purchase.
Our Buycraft store normally credits players their purchases within 1-10 minutes, you must be online whilst purchasing otherwise it will not take affect.

Please make sure to have a empty inventory whilst first donating to recieve your items that you purchased.

If your package that you purchased did not come in within 10 minutes, you can post a request for help @ Prisonanarchy@gmail.com or if you wish to contact us VIA Skype, Baron-Coney.

Make sure to be B rank before making any rank purchases for our store.


Have any server inquiries? Contact us here Prisonanarchy@gmail.com 




Server connection info
216 / 500 players online.
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Featured package